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Where Is the Best Place for Your Solar Panels?

For your solar panels to work optimally, they must be placed where they can get the most sunlight. Solar panels can generate more electricity and help you save more on energy bills if placed correctly.

So whether you're installing solar panels in your home or office, you must get the direction and angle right to harness the most power.

This post examines everything you to know about where to place your solar panels.

The best direction for solar panels

Which is the best direction for solar panels? Will they face north, south, west, or east?

If you are in Texas, the best direction for your solar panels is due south. Solar panels facing east or west produce about 15% less electricity than south-facing panels.

Southeast or southwest facing panels generate 5 - 10% less energy than panels facing the south. North-facing panels produce the least electricity and are the least effective.

The best angle for solar panels

Your solar panels should be set at an angle that enables them to harness sunlight. For solar panels that are horizontal to the ground, a 90-degree angle tilt ensures they have the sun directly above them all year round. Since the sun's position changes all year, you have to choose an angle with optimal exposure to the sun.

Let High Bar Roofing determine the best direction and angle

When you agree to have a solar panel installation, we'll inspect your home to determine the best angle and direction. Many homes without a south-facing roof make significant savings on their energy bills. So even if you don't have a property with a south-facing roof, we'll find the optimal direction so you can still enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

While most homeowners in Texas will place their solar panels at 30 degrees, the optimal angle depends on the latitude of your home, existing roof design, and time of the year. The solar panel installation experts at High Bar Roofing can determine the most effective angle for your panels in summer, winter, and all year round.

Enjoy optimal power with High Bar Roofing

Whether you need solar panel installations at your residential or commercial building, we are about ensuring you generate maximum electricity and save money.

Our solar panels are backed by a 25-year manufacturer guarantee, and long after the expiration of 25 years, they're are proven to have an efficiency rate of 92 percent. It doesn't get any better! Call us at 817-925-6737 or request a solar inspection.


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