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What Regular Maintenance Is Involved With Solar Roofs

Most consumers are not knowledgeable enough to diagnose and detect problems they encounter with their solar panel installations. However, there are simple measures you can take to ensure that the installed power panels are in great shape and work optimally. Here are some maintenance procedures for rooftop solar installations:


Cleaning panels to remove dust layers on the panels is highly necessary. If the panels have thick dust, grime and bird dropping, which are difficult to remove, use cold water and a clean sponge.

It is essential to note that using hot water to clean your panels is never a good idea as the panels are made from tempered glasses, so the reaction between the hot water and the cold glass can lead to a crack.

Also, never use an iron sponge to do the cleaning to avoid wearing off the panel surface. In areas with frequent rainfall, cleaning isn’t required very often, but in other regions without frequent rain, quarterly cleaning is recommended.

Defect checking

It is necessary to do a visual inspection of the panels once in a while to ensure that defects such as cracks, water leaks, chips and fogged glazing can be detected early enough.

Check the cables for any wear out and deterioration. If, after detecting the defects and you discover these defects affect the overall performance of the system, then the affected parts must be replaced as soon as possible. Visual inspection is to be done every week.

Structure stability

Solar panel structures like the mounting frames are to be inspected to ensure that the frames are correctly mounted and remain firm and secured. Check the bolts for rust and the junction boxes to be sure pests like rodents do not chew the wires.

Lubrication of the tracking systems on the mounting structures is also necessary because they contain moveable parts and need grease, so do the lubrication according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Raising the Bar on Solar Roof Installation and Inspection

At High Bar Roofing, we offer the industry's highest-quality solar roof installation services, using the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your panels are installed correctly and efficiently. We can also carry out an inspection to ensure your solar panels are cranking out electricity as they should. Schedule a solar inspection to get started.

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