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Solar Panel Installation Near Me: What Is Involved and How to Get It

To get the best result with your solar system, the installation has to go right. This post lets you know what's involved during a solar panel installation near me and how to get it.

What is involved in solar panel installation near me?

Solar inspection

Before your solar panel installation can go on, we'll need to ensure your roof is in good condition and can support the weight of the solar panels. We'll also check your existing roof design and determine the best angle and direction for maximum cost savings. In addition, our experts will determine the number of solar panels you need for your home or business.

We educate you

If you're new to solar energy, you probably don't know how solar energy systems work, how long they last, and what to expect. High Bar Roofing will teach you everything about solar panels, how they convert sunlight into electricity, how the electricity is used to power your home, and how the excess can be fed back to the grid.

Cost breakdown

Next in the solar panel installation near me process is the cost breakdown. But with High Bar Roofing providing the installation services, there are no downpayment and upfront expenses. We'll finance the entire process, from the purchase of materials to installation. We also offer a 0% option.

Permits and documents

There is paperwork involved when installing solar panels in Texas. You'll need to get solar permits from the local government and submit a request to your utility company. You must also get prior approval from the Homeowners Association (HOA). With expert knowledge of local requirements, High Bar Roofing handles all requests on your behalf to make sure you get the approvals you need.

Ordering of materials

Once all the approvals are in place, we'll place an order for the project materials. High Bar Roofing uses top-of-the-range solar panels, inverters, power optimizers and other materials. Our solar panels also come with a 25-year manufacturer guarantee and have a 92% efficiency rate after the warranty expires.


On the installation day, our experienced installers arrive early on site and begin by preparing the roof. Depending on the project's complexity, installation can take between one and three days. Once everything is in place, we'll switch on the system and make sure everything is performing optimally.

Final permission

After installation, the city has to inspect it to ensure it meets building, electrical, fire, and zoning code requirements. Once the city approves, someone from the utility company will also give permission to operate if your system feeds back power to the grid. Then, your solar system is ready for use!

Getting the best solar panel installation near me

Now that you know what's involved in a solar panel installation, the next step is to get the right installation expert. Instead of wasting time typing in "solar panel installation near me" on Google, request a free inspection or call us and discover why we're recognized as the leading provider of solar installation and repair services for homes and businesses in Texas.


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