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Benefits of a Solar Roof

Updated: Jun 9

With many homes and businesses installing solar roofs in recent years, we can confidently say that solar roofing technology has come a long way.

Solar roofs are a combination of solar and roofing technology that resemble regular shingles, making them a great fit for any structure. If you still have your defenses up against solar roofs, you might want to reconsider for the following reasons:

Generate your own energy

Energy prices are soaring. And there’s no end in sight. Installing a solar roof gives you an option to generate your own energy and reduce monthly electricity costs.

You won’t have to rely entirely on mainstream energy sources, giving you maximum control over energy generation and usage. And if your solar roof is cranking out more energy than you’re using at that time, you get to sell the excess back to the grid!

Solar roof pays for itself

There’s denying that solar roofs are more expensive than traditional roofs. Anyone that tells you otherwise is either an amateur or trying to scam you. But if you’re delaying installing a roof because of the initial high cost, you’re losing a cost-saving opportunity.

The truth is, solar roofs are cheaper than they used to be. You should also consider the amount of energy savings you’ll gain in the long run. Add those to the higher home value of installing a solar roof, and you’ll realize that it’s a smart investment.

Lasts longer

You read it right. You can expect to use your solar roofs far longer than traditional roofs. Solar roofs can last for between 25 and 30 years, unlike an asphalt shingle roof that’ll show extreme wear and tear after 20 years max.

Low maintenance

Solar roofs require very little maintenance. Compared to most traditional roofs, solar roofs do not require frequent replacement of damaged shingles or removal of growth such as moss and fungi.

You only need to wash off dirt and dust two to four times every year. That low maintenance translates to less work for you and reduced spending on repairs.


Solar technology has advanced, and there are now various color and style options to choose from.

Gone are when homeowners had no option but to install bulky blue panels on their roofs. Now, you can customize your solar roofs to blend in with the rest of your home’s exterior decor.

Solar roof reduces carbon footprint and helps you save more money. It is a smart investment for home or business owners. If you’re considering a solar system or a roof upgrade, get the benefits of both with a solar roof installation.